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Highest Quality CNC Machined Parts. North & South America

Cost effective, built to your exact requirements. Guruanteed quality for even the most complex prototypes and production parts. Shipped Internationally.

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High Quality Machining That Meets Your Requirements.

With over 20 years in the industry in providing precision machining to industry leaders, attention to detail is our main focus at Alaska Machine & Manufacturing LTD.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Whether It’s for heavy equipment parts, specialized parts for Oil & Gas, High production, prptptypes, or general machining. Fast, reliable, precise and rush order capability is what sets us aside from our competition.

Serving Oil & Gas Industry Since 1998.


Either way, you can expect results to be the same as they were on the blueprint

CNC Milling

We deliver unparalleled CNC milling services to clients. From mold tooling parts, engine components, enclosures & more.

CNC Lathe

We help businesses with precise & complex CNC turning parts. Creating the right features like slots, tapers, and threads with exact precision.

Manual Machining Capabilities & Repair

We help repair & manufacture the right parts for your equipment. Our skilled and team can produce anything from small item to highly complex machine parts.

We also perform full Hardness testing and product stamping on finished orders.

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A Shop That Meets All Your Requirements

Our Production Shop is equipped with lifting equipment of a 3 ton overhead crane, spread over 9000 square feet production.

Alaska Machine & Manufacturing LTD fulfills Just-in-Time (JIT) orders to assure that your production line will never be down. We have years of experience with JIT, blanket and consignment orders. 

We handle Post Production Packaging, Part Stamping and Hardness testing.

Let our team work for you. Quality CNC Machined parts when you need them. Packaged & Shipped internationally

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Whether you need a mass-produced part or a specific component, we can produce it.