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Post Production & Quality

Our Responsibility

Excellent Quality and High Performance

Alaska Machine & Manufacturing LTD is dedicated to the highest level of quality and service for our clients. When we take on a project there is no room for shortcuts, our in-house testing equipment and procedures ensure that the end product not only meets but exceeds the requirements of our clients.

Our Production Shop is equipped with lifting equipment of a 3 ton overhead crane, spread over 9000 square feet production.

After the manufacturing is done we can also do hardness testing and stamping for clients.

Post Production and Delivery

Short/Long Production runs

We can produce CNC machined parts in quantities from one piece to thousands of pieces. Costs are based on amortizing set-up, administration, and material costs over the quantity ordered. 

Just-In-Time (JIT)

An uniterruped work flow to any company is crucial to daily operations.  We can offer just-in-time services to assure that your production line will never be down.  We offer JIT, blanket and consignment orders. 

Hardness Testing & Stamping

After the manufacturing is done we can also do hardness testing and stamping for clients. In addition to custom CNC parts, we perform a complete inspection and can provide stamping and custom CNC part packaging.

A Solution You Can Count On

Serving clients for 20+ years, we’re one of the best when it comes to handling all types of machining solutions for your business. Our capable and experienced staff, quality driven approach and on-time delivery of turnkey solutions make us one of the most reliable providers of precision machining services in Canada.

Fast, reliable, precise and rush order capability is what sets us aside from our competition. Our large inventory of machinery enables us to handle any type of job, big or small. Feel free to give us a call to inquire about our services.

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